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Папуасы (восточные) PNG

Собрался я весною оказаться в восточном Папуа (Папуа-Новая-Гвинея), которая не даёт визы российским путешественникам. Мне, например, не дала, и я ограничился западной Папуасией, которая индонезии принадлежит. На этот раз я решил поплотней подготовиться, написал во все турфирмы папуасские, и из одной даже ответ пришёл -- готовы помочь с визой. Не бесплатно, за 400 у.е. Пишут мне они следующее:

PNG tourist visa for independent Russian traveller is difficult.
Our immigration authorities are very suspicious.

However in the past we have had Russian tour clients and we are experienced
with obtaining visas for Russian tourists coming in to the country through
our tour company.
To be successful in obtaining a PNG tourist visa, the "unwritten rule" is
that you will need:
- a covering letter (invitation letter) from a PNG tour company to say that
the company will be coordinating and monitoring your visit even though you
are travelling independently
- some prepaid arrangements (eg some prepaid accommodation for at the least
the first few days after arrival). This will show that you are a genuine
tourist visitor.

The covering letter and copy of your receipt for pre-paid arrangements will
be attached to your visa application when you lodge it at any PNG Embassy.
A copy of the application must then be e-mailed to the tour company and the
tour company staff will go to the immigration office in Port Moresby once a
week to follow up on the application and push it through. This will still
take 4 to 6 weeks before the visa will finally be approved for issue at the
overseas embassy, according to our experience. It always takes that long.
Every time our staff go to the immigration office we must wait 2 hours in
the queue to be served at the counter so it is a big investment of our staff
time and therefore we charge a sizeable fee for the service.

The visa application fee is PGK100 (USD39) and our service fee for the
covering letter and attending at the immigration office to follow the
application through is PGK1000 (USD390).
Some other tour companies might be able to do it cheaper but smaller
companies that are not known to the immigration office may also have more
difficulty convincing the immigration office to issue the visa. So do ask
about the tour company's previous experience with visas for Russian

Good luck

Aaron Hayes
Sec 55 Lot 25 Lokua Avenue, Boroko
(PO Box 531 Gordons)
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Office phone: (+675) 323 4518 or 340 5066
Office fax: (+675) 325 4860 or 323 4643
My mobile (24 hours): (+675) 7686 8917
E-mail: ecomel@online.net.pg
Web: www.em.com.pg
A foundation member of the Tour Operators Association of PNG
A foundation member of the Kokoda Trekking Operators Association
A foundation member of the Community-based Tourism Foundation of PNG
A corporate member of the South Pacific Tourism Organisation

Никто случайно из читателей моего ЖЖ не сталкивался ли с подобной фирмой? Может, кто как делал визу для ПНГ не в аэропорту (я буду въезжать наземным путём)? Может тоже кто-то в ПНГ собирается и визу уже каким-то образом делает? Если кто в теме, откликнитесь, интересно присоединиться к передовому опыту.
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