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HOUSE FOR EVERYBODY (House For All) -- instruction on English = UPD 1.Nov.2011

Home For All (HFA, AFT Home) is a special project by Anton Krotov and the Academy of Free Travel (AFT) .

Home For All is an apartment or a house rented for 2-4 months in a city anywhere in the world. Everybody is welcome here.

You can:
- visit  us and sleep in our house in night
- explore the surrounding area - find new friends among travellers, both local and visitors
- share information on any subject
- our homes are always full of knowlegeable people and experts in virtually any field (especially in travelling).

Anyone can come to a Home For All.

You can find people of almost any age here - from 0 to 65 (most newborns are of course with their parents). Anyone can stay at the HFA despite their finances - the homes have been visited by people without any cash and the wealthy ones alike. There is no accommodation fee. If you wish and can, however, you are always welcome to contribute to the project financially. In the past years

HFAs were set up in Irkutsk (2006), in the Kyrgyz city of Osh (2007), in Cairo, Egypt (2008-09), Vladivostok (2009), in Arkhangelsk, on18-uj island Brevennik (2009-2010) in Russia (near Archangelsk) and Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan (2010). After, we organize houses in Istanbul (2012) and Krasnoyarsk (summer 2012) and Kunming, China (2012 Sept-Dec).

These homes existed for 2-4 months and are currently closed - please do not look for us there! We are all far away.

During the 4 months that the first HFA in Irkutsk existed 130 people visited it. Some people stayed just a day and a night, others for 2-3 months. And hundreds of locals visited our home during the lectures on travelling (on Thursdays), concerts, debates on religion and other events. So we created some sort of a "cultural house". It was a detached old log house, called IZBA in Russian.

92 people from 13 countries visited the HFA in Osh, South Kyrgyzstan in Jul-Oct 2007. We stayed for 2.5 months there. 5-20 people stayed each night. Many Jewish backpackers came to Osh to stay with us as it was free. Most people hiked in the Kyrgyz or Tajik mountains and would after 3-5 days come back, rest and afterwards continue with their hiking.

There were 54 visitors in Cairo (Dec 2008 - Feb 2009). We also rented an apartment here. In Osh and Cairo a few locals visited our events. The number of HFA residents was usually 15-20 people. The guests tried to stay as long as possible.

97 visitors in 3 months in Vladivostok (Russia's Far East, 9297 km from Moscow) during Jul - Oct 2009. Normally 15-25 people would sleep during the night. And hundreds of locals visited our events. During the weekly lectures on travelling some 30-50 locals would come to our apartment. We travelled a lot during that time and afterwards many people flew to the beautiful Kamchatka - flight tickets were only $50 from there...

The Russian-style log house “IZBA” on island Brevennik (near Arkhangelsk, Russia's oldest seaport) was home for about 50 people. We stayed on a northern island during the Russian winter. The temperature outside was -20C or -35C sometimes. We washed outside because it was a detached old log house without hot and cold running water. So, most foreign travellers tried to avoid this exotic Russian-style accommodation. We were visited by the locals. This project was from December 2009 till Feb 2010.

The HFA in Dushanbe (Jul – Oct 2010) received 130 people from 22 countries during the 3 summer months. This home had the biggest number of residents and it was also the largest – a detached authentic Tajik house with many rooms. Normally, 20-30 peoples stayed for the night. Some came for just 1-2 days, others – for 2-3 months. The locals visited our lectures on travelling. We travelled all around Tajikistan, this beautiful mountainous country with super-hospitable people. Everybody went hiking in the mountains for 3-20 days and afterwards returned to the house to rest and share their experiences. And after that we carried on with travelling.

HFA in Istanbul (March-May 2012) received total 164 people. It was 2 apartments on Yedikule, Fatih, Istanbul. Normally, 25-35 peoples stayed for the night.

During summer 2012, in siberian city Krasnoyarsk, we get russian-style-house IZBA, where total 233 people receive free accomodation.

In October-December 2012, we develop a new house in KUNMING city (China).

Our homes were visited by many. But most of them were Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and citizens of the ex-USSR states who had been reading my blog http://a-krotov.livejournal.com and the website AFT www.avp.travel.ru. You can try to make use of its Internet translation, but it will probably be not as interesting as the original.

We also had guests from Europe, the USA, etc. Nobody came from Indonesia and other South-East Asian countries, however, because nobody knows anything about our project there. So, I inform all, especially about future HFAs, you are welcome to join us! It is very easy, you just need time, your passport and visas to some countries.

Future Homes for All (2012-2015), inshallah, will be set up at the following locations. Just read and join us:

- Latin America (MEXICO City) (Jan-Feb 2013). This flight will be more expensive, but several days searching on the Internet will get you a ticket that is twice as cheap – just use your brain and do something.

- in Madagascar (2013 Decemer - Feb 2014)

- in Sevastopol, Crimea (Krym) (2014 jule - august - sept)

- in Berlin, Europe (2014 sept - oct)

and after that in Jogyakarta (Indonesia) in march-may 2015.

But I hope to see all people before that – in Istanbul, or Kunming, for example. You can find out in advance (six months or a year or even earlier) about the dates of AFT Homes on the site "LiveJournal" Krotov http://a-krotov.livejournal.com (in Russian) or by phone in Moscow (+7-495) 457-8949, (+7-903) 500-9850, or at the free travel meetings in Russia. Or in the previous HFAs!

You are free to set up a HFA of your own anywhere in the world. But if you want people to come there you'll need to advertise it well in advance and be a reliable and persistent person. In addition, the house should have an excellent geographic location - in the cities and countries to which you can easily get to by hitchhiking or by train, airplane or another means of transport. In addition, the creator of the HFA should take the initiative to invest their time and money into the project - just as I do, in one way or another. So far, unfortunately, nobody took the trouble to carry on with the initiative. Maybe when more people discover about HFAs, learn more about living together in different cities on this planet, about all the details someone will want to continue the project. You can also read about the project "Home for All" on the Internet. Many foreign guests from 25+ countries have visited our homes, so I think somebody must have written something in English about us.

For those who would like to visit one of the future homes and those who consider coming to us please bear in mind our list of rules. Read it and make up your mind to come or not to come. So: To make your visit to HFA pleasant remember a few simple rules:

1) Home for all is not a hotel. The organizers do not promise to provide you with any services, facilities, beds, you are not to expect to be personally accompanied along the tourist routes. You will spend the night in a sleeping bag on the floor (bring your own sleeping bags and mats), bathe and go to the bathroom - on a first-come first-served basis, go hiking according to your own ideas, routes, strength and stamina. If you want to go camping with someone or do not want to come along with everyone, go by yourself. Don't go if you don't want to. Self-organization the basis of your happiness! Nobody is going to come up with entertainment for you. There is no guarantee that someone will be present at the house if you just turn up without prior notice - please let us know by phone/sms beforehand.

2) Alcohol is strictly forbidden at Home for All. You cannot get drunk, bring drinks, beer or drugs. If you are seen drunk - you will be asked to leave the home immediately. Smoking in the Home is prohibited, too. In some cases we might have a special place for smoking. We advise you to get rid of this bad habit as soon as you can but if you do smoke - do it far from the Home. If you notice someone stoned or smoking "grass", joints or other substances - for the common good please tell A. Krotov, Gril or another person in charge!

3) There is authority at HFAs. Typically, it is A. Krotov. There are deputies in his absence - Grill or his other friends, or someone ,chosen by the visitors. Headmaster of the Home, or his deputy, or the person in charge, receive new guests, determine the time of lights out for the night, send messengers for groceries, invite and send away the locals, negotiate with uneasy neighborrs, landlords, government officials (if they show up ), or expel guests from the Home if necessary. The authority must be obeyed and has the right to expel anyone from the House or speed up their departure. There is no democracy, but the people who violate the laws of the House, or consume alcohol (or drugs, Allah forbid) will be expelled from the House by superiors.

4) Normally, there is a shared kitchen at HFAs. Even if you do not cook there, you can at least drink tea with everyone. To do this, everyone sometimes makes a contribution to the kitchen facilities, without waiting to be reminded of it by the authority. Basic food and materials - a list of them is usually posted (such as sugar, tea, noodles, soap ...) should always be present. If those are absent do not complain, but go and buy more of them quickly. Buying small quantities of basic things is discouraged. If you buy get a lot! Spoons, utensils and other household things always come in handy at HFAs. And do the washing up, too, not only for yourself but also for the entire community as soon as you notice dirty dishes.

5) Home For All exists because of the enthusiasm, time and money contributed to the project by its active participants. All donations issued and received (a list of them is posted on the wall at HFA and on the Internet) are not to pay for the accommodation, but to overall contribute to the project. In everyday life at the HFA its “sponsors” cannot claim any benefits, privileges, soft beds, good food and the like, in favour of other inhabitants of the house. If you want to help the Home with your enthusiasm and actions - this can be agreed upon in advance with A. Krotov. All kinds of assistance can be discussed in advance with A. Krotov krotov_avp@mail.ru by email. You can even set up your own HFA and have your own set of standards and rules there. Be active. Initiative is encouraged.

6) Pets are not allowed at HFAs. Leave them at home. Also, people should be clean and should not stink. Wash your clothes, wash yourselves, change socks!

7) Arrival at the House of AFT s is only possible when there is a boss or other substitute person with the key. Departure is also possible not at all times. HFA is not a hotel with an ongoing reception. There is no special person who will wait on you 24/7. Therefore, if you intend to come please call in advance by phone, which will be posted in good time on the Internet. Call us and we'll meet you at a place that is easy to find and show you the way.

8) Russian is the main language of HFAs. All foreign guests are welcome but do not expect to find an English-speaking community or interpreters here. Learn Russian or bring a friend who speaks Russian. If you don't speak the language but violate the rules and traditions of the AFT Home you are still guilty! That's why, comrades foreigners, talk to experienced HFAs so that they can explain everything to you in detail.

9) HFA is in a way a luggage place of people and things. If you leave temporarily pack all your things in a "closed area" - on a shelf in the closet, in a package in a backpack or a bag - and label it with the owner's name. At the end of the project all unclaimed items will be given away, sold or otherwise disposed of. Also: although personal things in our homes have not been stolen - it is not recommended to leave your documents, expensive computers, cameras and big sums money around. A. Krotov and other authorities are not responsible for the safety of your belongings or for any damages and losses that may occur to your property during your travels and visit.

10) The improvement of living conditions at the HFA is in your hands! Be active, full of initiative and clean!

11) We maintain good relations with locals, neighbours in the street, as well as other visitors of our house. Quarrels, scandals, showdowns, conflicts are forbidden at HFA. There shouldn't be any noisy conflicts. Also, do not shock the local residents, gather in large crowds on the threshold of the Home or near it waiting for something, upset relations with neighbours, sellers of nearby shops, landlords.

We spread peace and friendship among people, HFA is an example of life together, unity and love among different peoples and nations of the world. Our Home is a ome for all of the mankind. Any ideas, religions, opinions, teachings, peoples and ages are all welcome at the House of AFT, which is a small model of the whole planet.

/// This text based on the the automatic translation, a little improved by me (A. Krotov) and a lot by Alexander Kvartalny flamedragon27.blogspot.com

If you have any questions my email is krotov_avp@mail.ru. I am registered on facebook I am RARE there – I log in may be once a month. For urgent messages use my email or the Russian social network www.vkontakte.ru (my nick there is antonkrotov).

If you want to donate our project, you can write me email on krotov_avp@mail.ru, know about my location now, and sent some dollars or euros by "Western Union" or other method.

I am also present in www.couchsurfing.org and in www.hospitalityclub.org.

Please repost and translate into other languages, share this information with friends!

A.Krotov, Jakarta. May 27th, 2011. UPD June 1st, 2011 UPD 1 Aug 2012 Krasnoyarsk UPD 7 Dec 2012 Moscow
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