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Тем временем, Дом в Стамбуле устрояют товарищи сербы. Июль-август 2012, уже сейчас

Сербский клуб путешественников - люди, которые принимали меня в Сербии и устраивали там лекции в феврале - решили продолжить и развить благочестивый проект "Дом для всех" и создать Дом Для Всех в Стамбуле - с 1 июля по 1 сентября этого года. То есть уже вот-вот. Интересуетесь? Сайт их проекта


Пишут они вот что:

   "This summer (2012), Serbia Travel Club will establish a temporary base in Istanbul, called the Travel House. It will be a rented apartment in the center of Istanbul, whose doors will be open to all travelers, from July 1 to September 1. Staying in the Travel House will be free for everyone. The goal of the Travel House is to provide a global meeting point for travelers, and thus be a small step towards building a global travel culture.
   Istanbul is an ideal starting point for trips to neighboring countries, as well as a perfect destination for novice travelers. For some ideas on where to travel in the region, we’ve mapped out a couple of possible routes and did the planning for you (details only in Serbian). For additional information and ideas, feel free to use our forum.travel house
   The aim of the Travel House is to enable everyone to get acquainted with Istanbul and the region, without having to pay for the accommodation. Cooking will also be possible, which should dramatically reduce the food expenses. All you need is a sleeping bag and a mat. If you use hitchhiking, local trains (with Balkan Flexipass cheap ticket) or any other free / low-cost combination, this gives you an opportunity to visit Istanbul with virtually no money at all.
    Staying at the Travel House will be a valuable experience in itself. You’ll have a chance to meet other travelers passing through, exchange travel stories and experiences, review maps and guidebooks, get fresh info from those returning from the places you might be planning to go to and find company for further traveling.
    Gatherings of Couchsurfers and other travellers will be organized regularly, as well as walks around town, smaller trips, discussions about different places, cultures and ways of traveling etc.
    While staying in the Travel House, you may want to contribute to our Creative Travel Primer, which we’ll all be making together. You can leave us some of your travel tips & tricks, anecdotes, travelogues, drawings, photos, videos, scraps etc, which we'll use to compile a universal handbook for independent travel, written by travelers for travelers, outlining not only the most important techniques for and approaches to this style of travel, but also exploring possibilites of using travel as a tool for expressing creativity and adding quality to the world.
     The idea of Travel House comes from Russian organisation called Academy of Free Travels, and was thought up by its founder Anton Krotov. Istanbul is the first such project by Serbia Travel Club. If it catches on, we'll make Travel Houses in a different place every year...

Вот так. Пожелаем удачи сербам в их интересном проекте, а также надеюсь, что кто-то из российских путешественников, и в особенности - из мудрецов АВП, уже живших в Домах АВП, - окажется летом в Турции и посетит этот Дом, может быть пригодится такое посещение, сделать такое сравнение, какие-то потом возникнут идеи для дальнейшего улучшения проекта.
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